Thursday, February 26, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron -- Iron Man character poster

Looks like we're getting individual posters for the major characters in Avengers: Age of Ultron. First up is Iron Man:

Careful observation reveals that Iron Man, demonstrating his formidable intellect, has yet again elected not to wear his helmet in the middle of battle. To be fair, he still doesn't look very concerned about those robots, so maybe they aren't as big a threat as they appeared to be in the trailer. Or maybe Robert Downey, Jr.'s ego is just too big to fit under the helmet anymore.

And what's with the spray-painted Avengers logo at the bottom? It doesn't fit the aesthetic of the movie on any level--they're fighting robots, not inner city hoodlums.

Another uninspired poster from Marvel Studios, but at least it's not overly painful to look at, like the first poster for the movie was. Plus, it gives us another chance to play:

The Matching Game

Even with there only being seven robots on this new poster, there are several that match each other:

Note to Marvel: Adding glowing eyes to some robots does not magically make me not notice that they are still the same robots.

Not only that--all but one of them match robots from the original poster:

At this rate, I expect this Avengers poster to look like a crazy rainbow by the time all the character posters come out.

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