Monday, July 16, 2012

The real Hawkeye

As Game of Thrones writer/creator George R. R. Martin noted in his review of The Avengers, the movie was mostly great, but one of the big issues we both had was that the character of Hawkeye got a bit shafted (ooh, my blog's first pun).

Hawkeye fans like myself were hoping for some of the tension that shows up between him and Captain America in the early Avengers comics.

(Avengers #28, May 1966)

Instead we got a rather bland and undefined Jeremy Renner.


For now I'll just be hoping we get a more interesting Hawkeye in future films. Seeing him sporting his trademark mask might be a little too much to hope for though.

On a related note, I found an interesting article detailing the supposed world-greatest-archer's lack of good technique in the movie. Check it out.