Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Red Skull gains the upper hand

Going through my older Essential volumes (which reprint years' worth of a particular title, natch) is what gave me the idea for doing these comic scans in the first place--there's a lot of great stuff to be found here, and the fact that they are in black-and-white makes them easier to scan.

Anyway, here are a few panels from some early Captain America stories. Forgive the smearing from the center of the book; it was the best I could do.

First up, the Red Skull shows his softer side:

(Tales of Suspense #66, Jun. 1965)

 After the Red Skull gives Cap a "chemical" that puts him under the Skull's control, he gives Cap "the Final Test":

(Tales of Suspense #67, Jul. 1965)

That proves it, huh Skull?

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